The Formal Introduction

Welcome to BloodLetterPress.
We’re a small-scale production studio and Creative Collective, currently run by several innovative individuals. Each of us has passions that they want to develop on a professional scale and share with others (like you). Together we cover the realms of tabletop roleplaying games, video games (or vidja for the more initiated), animation, music of all genres, fiction, radio dramas, and (probably) EVEN MORE! wow.

The people who make host their projects on and make content for BLP are our (beloved) Contributors. You can learn more about them in the Contributors menu link above. Many of us write articles for the site on whatever topics we’re interested in exploring. We also collaborate to design and produce larger-scale projects like roleplaying modules, interactive fiction, tabletop games and so forth. These projects are proudly displayed on our Current Projects page, which you can get to through the menu bar up there.

BloodLetterPress also hosts DEATHWRITE, the day-long productivity blitz in which participants set aside all distractions for the sake of making a large amount of progress on any kind of creative endeavor. The tagline is “24 hours, 10,000 words, No Excuses“. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the DEATHWRITE menu link above.

BloodLetterPress is still growing and changing, and will hopefully never stop doing so. Please check back in for new developments and projects as they arise. BLP also maintains a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and RSS, so you can be updated wherever you skulk about on the internet. You can find all of our social media pages by poking the red buttons on the right.

Queries, comments, love notes and other correspondence can be sent to
Some Contributors can also be contacted through addresses posted on their personal pages.