BLP Shenanigans for October/November: Live Appearances, Extra Life, and More!

Hello hello hello!  Wowie, dear readers, I am caffeinated!  And very excited to share what BloodLetterPress is going to be up to for the next few months!  We’ve had this blog up for a while now and have been churning out content ever since, but as the final days of Halloween Month draw closer, we’re getting ready to explode forth from our blog format into REAL LIVE APPEARANCES with our REAL LIFE SELVES!  Details under the cut!

First, did you know that we have a Twitch channel?  Furthermore, did you know that we’re participating in Extra Life this year?  Contributors Snacko and Feryx are gonna be streaming themselves playing video games for a solid 24 hours, with additional guest spots from myself and maybe a few other contributors, on Sunday, November 19th.   We’re raising money for Johns Hopkins Children’s Center; every penny we raise goes directly to helping kids in need, so head to the BloodLetterPress team page and help us reach our goal!  Then, once the 19th rolls around, pop on over to our Twitch channel and enjoy us playing some classic games and being utter goofballs.

Second, BLP is presenting our first live offering at JiffyCon on October 28th at Smith College in Northampton, MA!  Miki and I are gonna table and I’m gonna run games; collectively, we’ll be showing off some of BLP’s latest creations, including:

  • Nagi’s Stars Fall Up, a communal action RPG for us damn millenials;
  • A print version of my “Books In The Wizard’s Library” series, including two never-before-seen volumes (that’s 100 fantastical and potentially dangerous texts in all!);
  • and a brand-new BLP offering: my game Jokers & Journeys, a playing-card-based tabletop RPG for new players and veterans alike, featuring the zaniest table I’ve ever made (over 150 quick-start plots!)

It’s been a busy time for us, and it’s gonna get busier!  We hope you can join in on the festivities, play some games with us, and hey, maybe even save a life or two.