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At any given time, our highly-creative Contributors at BLP are busy working on one of their passion projects (or are procrastinating by working on one of their many other projects).

On this page you can find a list of the ongoing projects promoted by BLP, as well as each Contributor’s individual projects they feel like sharing.



10,000 words. 24 hours. No excuses.

Sound hellish? It is. But if you want the best ass-kicking of your life to get working on those projects you haven’t finished (or even started), we summon you to our ranks. Find out more by following the DEATHWRITE link in the menu above.

Jokers & Journeys

tags: J&J

A no-prep, rules-light tabletop RPG using standard playing cards instead of dice.  Take risks, trade with friends, and assemble tricks to make your way through a story in your group’s favorite genre (or an extra-weird scenario that you generate on the spot!) Contained in a 2.5×3.5 booklet (standard playing card size), J&J is small enough to pack anywhere and comes with a Quick-Start Campaign Chart to galvanize play.  A great way to introduce new players to tabletop RPGs!  (Trust me, I playtested this at summer camp).  Pick up a copy at Modern Myths in Northampton, MA, or contact Scrivener to order one.

Books In The Wizard’s Library, Volumes I-V

tags: books in the wizard’s library

In their sequestered scriptoriums, the Society for a Vernacular Zenith toil away at transcription and translation, bringing great thinkers from across cultures into contact with each other.  Staple-bound and with art by Connor Dodge, the print version of Books In The Wizard’s Library, Volumes I-V is a treasure trove of intriguing titles, authors, and literary quirks/hazards, for use in any fantastical endeavor. Pick up a copy at Modern Myths in Northampton, MA, or contact Scrivener to order one.

Stars Fall Up

tags: starsfallup, SFU

A mini-RPG for Us Damn Millennials.

Stars Fall Up is a light and simple RPG contained within a zine, made for anyone with any amount of roleplaying experience to pick up and play with friends. Players guide the ups-and-downs lives of disillusioned millennials in Pilot City, a locale inspired by the magical realism aesthetic of Scott Pilgrim, Steven Universe and Bee and Puppycat. The players cooperatively create the setting and the issues the characters encounter without the need for an omnipotent Game Master. The rules of the game also encourage characters to rely on their bonds of friendship to alleviate emotional stress and gain extra energy to overcome daily hardships. Sorta like real life, only everyone’s probably got cooler outfits and better hair.

Status: 1st print run released! (July 25, 2017)

Dev Team: Nagi (Original Concept, Lead Writer)