DEATHWRITE is writing 10,000 WORDS in 24 HOURS with NO EXCUSES. DEATHWRITE is a contained block of time that allows you to put everything you have to give into your writing. DEATHWRITE is turning the ridiculous things you end up thinking, saying, or doing during this contained block of time into fuel for more writing. DEATHWRITE is sharing this process with other human beings, if you wish.


Because we wanted something like NaNoWriMo, but in a shorter span of time. Because we felt the need to hold each other accountable to our respective visions of a creative life. Because, sometimes, pushing yourself to extremes improves your understanding of yourself and your work. Because we wanted to.

What can I choose to make?

DEATHWRITE can be used to achieve success in any and all forms of written work. Use DEATHWRITE to generate something completely new. Use DEATHWRITE to continue something you’ve worked on for years. Use DEATHWRITE to transcribe old work or reach deadlines for academic or professional writing. Use DEATHWRITE to create a screenplay or a review or a computer program. DEATHWRITE is a tool. How you apply it is up to you.

Do I write straight for 24 hours???

If you can. We are human beings; if we are to succeed, we must listen carefully to our limits and our ambitions and bring them into balance with each other. DEATHWRITE is like any other extreme activity: it must be approached with caution and respect, for it and for yourself. Certain techniques will improve your odds of a successful DEATHWRITE; in particular, the creators of DEATHWRITE advocate for frequent stretching of the wrists to prevent repetitive stress injuries.

How can I organize with others for DEATHWRITE?

Our Discord server slumbers.  Local groups are always ideal.  Find friends.  Hold them accountable.  Submit yourself to their scrutiny.

When is the next DEATHWRITE?

Whenever you want.  That said, BloodLetterPress holds DEATHWRITE usually once a month.  A DEATHWRITE will be held on November 14th; as it is November, this is a DEATHNOWRIMO event, and all NaNoWriMo participants are encouraged to use this event to PUNISH YOUR NOVEL.

FAQ by Scriv.