Fresh Ink: 31 Prompts to Get the Creative Juices Flowing this Inktober

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: scratchy sweaters, stuffing your face with pumpkin spice everything, and huddling around the ol’ bonfire for some skin crawling stories with friends. October is simply 31 days of all the best things that Autumn has to offer. Among these offerings is the beloved (and at times anxiety-inspiring) tradition of “Inktober”. Created by Mr. Jake Parker in 2009, the premise is simple: make an ink drawing once a day, for thirty-one consecutive days. Much like its literary sibling “NaNoWriMo”, Inktober is meant to inspire and challenge artists to improve their skills, and experiment with new ideas.

This year will mark my third consecutive Inktober, and I could not be more excited. You can bet your buns I’ve got a sketchbook and fresh pencils just waiting to be put to work. While Inktober is meant to be a fun creative exercise, sometimes it can be tougher than you thought to squeeze that drawing a day into your schedule. Perhaps you only have ten minutes to dedicate to your drawing, somebody’s getting married, you’ve begun living the plot of a heist movie, you’re facing a rough depressive streak or, maybe, you have just plain run out of ideas. Well, no worries babes, Miki’s gotcha.

You can find Mr. Jake Parker’s official Inktober 2017 page here.

Parker’s prompts tend to be single words, implying action or character qualities. I’m here to provide a list of 31 alternative/additional prompts to keep tough stuff like you producing quality Inktober magic when the going gets tough:

  1. Design your next tattoo
  2. Sketch a favorite character from your childhood
  3. Make a simple, 3-4 panel comic about your day
  4. ROBOTS.
  5. Your Witch-sona
  6. Draw yourself, you handsome devil~
  7. What lives on Mars? (or Neptune, or Venus, etc)
  8. A Faerie who lives in your backyard
  9. Hands (don’t look at me like that)
  10. Draw an October Baby on their Birthday!
  11. Your OTP
  12. Feet (yes, seriously)
  13. A classic superstition
  14. The thing that lives under your bed
  15. Your Superhero Alter-Ego
  16. Your Supervillain Alter-Ego
  17. An Imaginary Friend (or Fiend)
  18. Ask Permission to draw a Pal
  19. Dress an OC up for Halloween!
  20. Bones
  21. The critter responsible for all your mismatched socks
  22. Meme at us
  23. Draw what resides in the universe’s oldest cavern of knowledge.
  24. Personify your favorite album
  25. Two words: “Hogwarts AU”
  26. A wolf in sheep’s clothing
  27. Draw your familiar
  28. Anyone/anything you want, as long as they are wearing pants with enough belts, buckles and zippers to make a Kingdom hearts character blush.
  29. Vicious animal slippers
  30. A recent fond memory
  31. A bouncing, beautiful , baby seal.

Remember: nothing you make has to be perfect! Inktober is all about having fun, and enjoying the process.

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Lastly, stay updated with us all of Inktober: I’ll be posting weekly roundups of my work here on the Blood Letter Press page.


Ready. Set. Draw!