Inktober week One: The Island of Misfit Weebs

People of the internet rejoice: Inktober has been off to a great start! Friends near and far have been hard at work, pressing that pen to page every day, getting one step closer to the finish line! “But what’s drawing so much inspiration from these people?”, you might ask. Well, truly awful puns aside, that’s a great question. The answers you get will differ from artist to artist. Some folks like to stick to the official list. Some folks will follow alternate lists, much like this one I posted last week. Then, there are folks like myself, who, despite their best intentions, are a bit all over the place. This year, I’ve decided to (more or less) stick to a particular theme for each week of Inktober. This week’s theme has been “Fanart”, with a more specific focus on anime and manga series that have wormed their way into my heart.

But Miki–why fanart?

Well, it’s been a really great week for a lot of the anime and manga series that I hold in high esteem!– both on a personal level, and a level of wider appeal. This week in particular brought a lot of fun and exciting things to the table, including the season 2 finale of a new favorite, Boku No Hero Academia, the one year anniversary of YURI!!! On Ice, and the long awaited return of Love Live! Sunshine!

On a more personal level, I have been re-visiting a long time favorite: Fullmetal Alchemist. This only seems fitting, since the inscription on the inside of  protagonist Edward Elric’s pocket watch urges us to “Never Forget 3.Oct.11”, and here I am, in early October, excitedly sharing the series with a dear friend, and taking the plunge to get a tattoo in tribute to the series. Truly, a celebration fitting of the impact that FMA has had on my life in the last 13 years.

But without further hesitation–here’s this week’s round-up!:

Day 1: Kicking off #inktober2017 by getting a little carried away, and breaking out my #copicmarkers to finish the job. Day one: #swift / #fumikagetokoyami 

#inktober day 2: Sketch a favorite character from your childhood!
Here’s my hero, and electric babe, Makoto/Sailor Jupiter in some cute street clothes!

#inktober day 3: #yousayrun goes with everything

#inktober day 4: a fancy #ghastly 🔮✨ I do love this boy!

#Inktober day 5: GIRLS💕
#haikyuu #yachihitoka #kiyokoshimizu #girls #copicmarkers #drawingaday #romance

#Inktober Day 6 Never Forget: 3.Oct.11 ☄
#fullmetalalchemist #edwardelric #daylatergram #aheartmadefullmetal #copicmarkers #drawingaday #flamel

#inktober Day 7 catch up: #tetsuroukuroo “You can catch more flies with honey, but you catch more honeys from being fly” 😉 what a nerd 🙃✨
#haikyuu #fanart #inktober2017 #kurootetsurou #copicmarkers #coloredpencil

#inktober Day 8: #yurionice turns 1 this week! ✨⛸✨ I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to celebrate than drawing the #podiumfamily all together!
#inktober2017 #yurionicefanart #yuriplisetsky #yuurikatsuki #viktornikiforov #wecalleverythingontheicelove #💕

Until next time–
Here’s to the characters we treasure, and the stories that inspire us! You can follow me for daily Inktober posts @miki.desabrais on Instagram. See you next week for another round-up!