Kamen Rider Calliope

Everyone has responsibilities they didn’t sign up for; Kaname Shizu resents leaving her family’s mechanic shop for a prestigious university to fulfill the wish of her late father. Now she has to balance her schoolwork with fighting reality-bending monsters as the new Kamen Rider, a replacement for the last one that died at the hands of Kronos and his Titans. At least she has a disarmingly-charming college girl to help her deal with both frustrating obligations.

Kamen Rider Calliope is a serial fiction project based off of Japan’s beloved masked-superhero franchise, produced as a weekend-morning live-action television drama for more than four decades. This project pays homage to the genre mores and ideals that each individual Kamen Rider series promotes in its own way, while exploring new narrative paths that become possible through the medium of writing and pre-scheduled online publishing.

Be assured that no prior knowledge of Kamen Rider is necessary to enjoy this series, although it’s the authors hope that this story may be a gateway for more people to approach a franchise with little more than a cult following outside of Japan. The narrative is broken down into chapters called Myths, with each Myth further divided into parts of approximately 3,000 – 4,000 words. Each part is published at 9:00 am Sunday morning on the BloodLetterPress website each week (roughly around the same time the newest episodes of Kamen Rider are airing on TV in Japan). Calliope is also serialized on Archive Of Our Own, and on Nagi’s personal tumblr.

Production Staff

Author, Producer – Nagi

Production Date

January 14, 2018 – Present

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