Meet The Locals: Premade Characters for Stars Fall Up

Hi All,

BLP had an amazing time running our game Stars Fall Up with folks who attended Jiffycon this past weekend! A huge thanks to all who showed up and hung out with us. Seeing people be excited about the game makes us 1020% more excited about it as well, and personally speaking, it makes me want to keep making supplements for the game.

So here’s our first offering. Below you’ll find six pre-generated character that we used at Jiffycon for our SFU session. They’re totally free to use and remix however you feel like, so go nuts. The character templates are purposely vague to allow for a great amount of customization from players, while not having to fret over coming up ideas for backgrounds and #tags.

An important note: These characters’ Relationships are all connected to each other. It works perfectly if you’re planning on using all six characters in a single game, but otherwise you should disregard those Hearts and re-do them to fit whatever Pilot City you’re going to plop them down in.

Enjoy! And please remember, we  want to hear from you about your gaming experiences with SFU! So leave us comments on our facebook page, twitter, or even email us directly (emails can be found on our Contributor profile pages).

Character 01

An imposingly-bulky, lion-headed person who is more of a kitten on the inside. Likes gardening and other quiet activities, but wishes they felt brave enough to be more social.


#lionface   #builtlikeatank   #incrediblesingingvoice   #greenthumb   #timeanxiety


04 (helpful city official: 1 heart)  02 (old friends: 2 hearts)  03 (trash pickup buddies: 1 heart) 06 (same group therapy session: 1 heart) Total 5 Hearts

Daily Three

What I Gotta Do: I gotta get all my paperwork in today.

What I Wanna Do: I wanna do some maintenance on my plant collection.

What’s On My Mind: A friend said I should try singing at an open mic.

Character 02

A high-roller whose first priority is always basketball. They’re always the life of the party and have a large network of acquaintances, while still valuing their few closer friends.


#ballislife   #refinedtastes   #socialbutterfly    #winningsmile   #hatersgonnahate


04 (siblings: 3 hearts) 01 (old friends: 2 hearts) Total 5 Hearts

Daily Three

What I Gotta Do: I gotta pick up the slack at work.

What I Wanna Do: I wanna go out and blow off steam.

What’s On My Mind: A close friend has been feeling distant lately and I don’t know why.

Character 03

An alien that has crash-landed on Earth, quickly adapting to the culture after donning a near-perfect disguise. Acting like a real human is still a work-in-progress, but a very fun one.


#alienlifeform    #insatiablycurious   #sugarfiend    #secondlanguagelearner    #beginnersluck


01 (trash pickup buddies: 1 heart)  05 (first-contact friend, knows my secret: 2 hearts) 06 (lets me hide in the morgue: 1 heart)  Total 4 Hearts, +1 Shot

Daily Three

What I Gotta Do: I gotta find a safe, more permanent place to stay.

What I Wanna Do: I wanna make friends with all kinds of Earthlings!

What’s On My Mind: What will happen if I reveal my alien self to the wrong human?

Character 04

A devoted public official in the city’s government who suffers the chains of bureaucracy to work towards something better. They’ve never lost their radical ideology, and their patience only a few times.


#publicservant   #radicalatheart   #eyefordetail    #caffienemachine    #heightcomplex

Relationships:  02 (siblings: 3 hearts) 04 (citizen in need: 1 heart)  06 (same coffee schedule: 1 heart) Total 5 Hearts

Daily Three

What I Gotta Do: I gotta maintain a perfectly-presentable public image.

What I Wanna Do: I wanna be talking with citizens and hearing their opinions and problems.

What’s On My Mind: Paperwork going through the office today hinted at a potential scandal.

Character 05

A passionate thespian who wishes they could spend less time acting as a real spy and more time acting on the stage. No matter their persona, they have a hard time saying no to anyone in need.


#secretagent   #theaterlover    #instantwardrobechange    #fulltimedramatic    #peoplepleaser


03 (first-contact friend, knows their secret: 2 hearts) 06 (dated at one time, on good terms now: 2 hearts) Total: 4 Hearts, +1 Shot

Daily Three

What I Gotta Do: I gotta find my secret contact to learn about my upcoming mission.

What I Wanna Do: I wanna audition for the lead role at the community theater.

What’s On My Mind: Which of my acted personas is my most genuine personality?

Character 06

A mortician whose wonky psychic powers let them hear and speak to the dead. The unsettling aura surrounding them tends to keep living people away, for better or for worse.


#iheardeadpeople    #amnesiac    #ominousaura   #makeuplover    #kindapsychic


05 (dated at one time, on good terms now: 2 hearts) 04 (same coffee schedule: 1 heart) 03 (lets them hide in the morgue: 1 heart)  01 (same group therapy session: 1 heart) Total 5 Hearts

Daily Three

What I Gotta Do: I gotta embalm a body with a very talkative spirit.

What I Wanna Do: I wanna go shopping for makeup at the big clearance sale.

What’s On My Mind: I have more dead friends than live ones right now.

The character aspects listed above may be changed according to the player’s wishes; simply swap out one #tag for another, or change one of their Daily Three. The following character details may also be filled out by the player to their satisfaction.


Gender ID:


Clothing Style:

Music Tastes:



Weak Points: