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New Project Announcement!

Hello, readers and writers! I hope folks are having a productive NaNoWriMo. I’m plugging away on my own work, which ties into the news I have today.

In the coming months I will be publishing a serial fiction story through BloodLetterPress, the Kamen Rider Calliope Project.  Every week you’ll be able to check in on our site to read the latest installment, similar to novels published in newspapers or magazines in the 19th and 20th centuries. The format has since mostly migrated online, and I’ve been interested in exploring the medium for awhile now.

In order to cast my readership net as wide as possible I’ll be posting the installments concurrently on my tumblr and on Archive of Our Own. However, our site will be updated exclusively with “next episode preview” blurbs, so, y’know, there’s perks to giving us your traffic too.

Furthermore, I’ll be posting a series of work updates for the project as it’s in progress. The updates will include both my insights into turning a live-action tokusatsu show into a written fiction piece (mostly variants of “oh jeez I didn’t realize how difficult this was gonna be”), as well as a “beginner’s crash course” on the Kamen Rider franchise. You can absolutely jump right in even if this is your first time hearing about Kamen Rider, but you might get more out of the story if you have a basic understanding of how the show’s tropes work. To that end, these posts could be considered a follow-up to my Kamen Primer 101 article I posted awhile back, which is also highly-recommended reading before diving into this.

This is one of those stories that has grown and grown inside my head, demanding to be produced in some form or another. I offer it up to all of you in the simple hopes you’ll enjoy it, and who knows, maybe I’ll end up converting a few new Rider fans because of it. So stay tuned for more updates very soon!


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