Scriv’s Decade in Music: The Ones That Got Away

Several bands in my 2010-2019 retrospective put out albums that I didn’t get to listen to (Clutch, Shahmen, Chained To The Bottom Of The Ocean, Cult of Luna, and Lingua Ignota come to mind most immediately.) While those releases are definitely hot on my list, I wanted to highlight a couple other bands that I probably should have gotten to by now, and a few albums that skated in right at the end of 2019 that I haven’t had the chance to check out in depth yet, who I haven’t already talked about.

The Artists

Someone dumped their whole Baroness discography (except Gold & Gray) at Turn It Up recently, and I just had to swipe ’em, but up to this point I’ve still been largely unfamiliar with their work.

Rebel Wizard
Uh, he’s an Australian wizard who makes blackened thrash with NWOBHM influences.

This is one of the weird electronic projects I’ve had my eye on for some time. She seems rad. I’ve put on Skinless X-1 a few times while cleaning, and it’s so dense and textural and delightful.

Mount Eerie
Sad, beautiful tunes a friend showed me once :}

King Princess
My King Princess deep-dive is right around the corner, like, I can feel it approaching like some sort of jungle cat or velociraptor.

Only because most of their music is Spotify-exclusive Y’ALL MAKE A BANDCAMP please I want your tunes :}


The Albums

Fight Amp – Birth Control
Honestly the cover art speaks for itself.

Conjurer and Pijn – Curse These Metal Hands
I’ve listened through this once and love it, but haven’t really sat down with it yet.

Rolo Tomassi – Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It
I liked Grievances, but based on the, like, song-and-a-half that I’ve heard, it sounds like Rolo Tomassi have matured significantly as songwriters, and I can’t wait to really sink my teeth into their new work.

KHôRADA – Salt
To be honest, here’s the flip side of the Fight Amp album: the cover art on this one doesn’t appeal to me at all, even though I know it’s Agalloch plus a guy from Giant Squid, and I love both of those groups, and literally that’s the reason I haven’t checked this one out, I’m a scrub, sue me.