Sher’zade RPG System

Welcome to the informational hub for the

Sher’zade RPG System

also known as the Scheherazade System, or SHZS.

The Sher’zade System is a table-top roleplaying game that has been in development for over ten years, and is finally ready for an open beta test. And you can be a part of it! The creator and lead designer, Nagi, is working on the finishing touches to the comprehensive core rules, which will be released as a downloadable .pdf right on this very page.

What makes the Sher’zade System unique?

A Story Made For Everyone – From start to finish, the SHZS is designed to be simple to use and approachable by anyone, whether they’re on day one or year twenty of roleplaying. This Core Module will always be free to share, so there are no cost barriers to play.

A Story Made With Everyone – The SHZS re-imagines the player-GM dynamics for a new generation of roleplayers; it’s all about cooperative storybuilding in a way that makes players feel like their choices matter, and lets the Storyteller share their responsibilities.

A Story Made By Everyone – Once fully released, the SHZS will be the world’s first roleplaying game entered into Open Domain status. Creators are encouraged to write their own modules and settings, for sharing or for profit, and to keep the spirit of roleplaying games alive in their work.

Endless Worlds, Familiar Faces – The SHZS allows you to create your character even while you play in ways that builds on the narrative. Plus, you don’t have to leave your character in one world; the system allows you to easily shift them into any genre or alternate setting imaginable, inspired by fanfiction “AU”s (alternate universes).

Download the most current Beta Doc now!

Sherzade System Beta Doc 1.0

SHZS char sheet

What’s the latest update?

Check back on this page to see the current status of the Sher’zade System, which will be updated regularly! We will also forward these updates to our facebook and twitter pages.

CURRENT UPDATE: (5/8/18) The Sher’zade System Beta Document and Character Sheet 1.0 has been released! You can download both as .pdfs from the links above. Thank you to all who expressed interest in play-testing this game! With enough support and feedback, we’ll be on our way to releasing the finalized version within the near future!

For any and all information or feedback concerning playtesting, please direct messages to

PREVIOUS UPDATE: (4/24/18) The beta document, to be released as a downloadable .pdf (right here on this very page!) is 85% done. The big to-dos are the rules for shifting characters from one universe to another, and polishing up the ready-to-play adventure module that comes with the core rules. Still need to figure out how the #1001gamenights promotion will happen. Much thanks to all who expressed interest in this game both at Pioneer Valley Zine Fest and New Zineland, as well as anywhere else!

I shall be trans-locating my physical vessel to Japan for the next couple months for a teaching job, so that may split my focus for a bit. But check back for the next update within a couple weeks!

PREVIOUS UPDATE: (4/10/18) Writing of finalized beta document about 70% finished. Current goal is to have all writing of document finished by the end of the month, when we’ll start the #1001gamenights promotion campaign. Next update expected within a couple weeks.