STARS FALL UP official release! BLP’s first (IRL) production!

Yesterday, July 25th, we did the first print run of our zine-based RPG. All of us at BLP are immeasurably proud to bring you Stars Fall Up: A mini-RPG for Us Damn Millennials.

This is a role-playing game in which instead of playing armor-clad knights and fireball-slinging wizards and traipsing around a tropey fantasy world, your characters are more ordinary(ish) people dealing with more ordinary(ishx2) problems. What’s more relateable than dragging your ass out of bed to get to your daily grind of a job and going out for eats with your pals after, right?

Well don’t worry, it’s not as boring as all that. Your life in SFU is as mundanely interesting as you want it to be. What if, to borrow an idea used by one of our playtesters, your job was making glassworks inside an active volcano for a benevolent god that oversees the city you live in? Or being a roller-skating deliveryperson for the massive and totally-copyright-avoidant Nozama corporation, delivering packages with the help of your ghostly powers that let you phase through walls? Maybe you do wear armor when you like to dress up fancy, or can sling some fireballs when the time calls for it. But you’ve still got a life, and (hopefully) some sort of job, and the same kind of problems you’re used to dealing with [IRL].

Fortunately, you’re not alone. The game is designed for you to help each other through the tough times, and grow as people in a city that’s got more interesting stuff than dive bars and Denny’s. Furthermore, SFU is designed on the communal action model for RPGs, meaning there’s no one person (the Game Master, Storyteller or otherwise) holding all the power and telling everyone else what happens to them. Everyone together has an equal amount of power to decide what challenges the characters face, and what details are added to the world they’re in. This also means no need for pre-planning an adventure; you just get a group together, get your characters made and away you go.

The zine itself is 18 pages (some of which aren’t even full of rules!). Stars Fall Up was designed with beginners in mind, even those who may have no experience with RPGs at all. SFU is meant to be approachable and immediately-engaging, unlike DnD or other tome-based rules labyrinths. SFU is also cheap and easy to replicate; we encourage people to modify, exchange, copy and distribute these rules! Moreover, we’ll be releasing enticing new content for the game periodically on this website, so keep checking back or subscribe to our social media channels to keep up with that.

Also, if you play the game and have feedback about it, we want to hear from you! Hit us up on FB, twitter, instagram, or send us an email directly ( Your constructive criticism can help us make the next edition of the game better. Or give us something to laugh at if you’re just being an edgy troll.

Stay tuned for more SFU news, including where you can buy a copy! And of course, a huge thank-you to everyone who made this possible- artists, playtesters, and the folks who were as, or more excited about this project than we were.

(and we’re pretty damn excited. In case you couldn’t tell).

— Nagi