State of the Game : April 2018

My group of five player characters recently arrived back on the world of Kryn after a mission took them to one of the planet’s four orbital moons. They returned by means of a warp gate built by the Technoss, a civilization that died out millennia ago, and ended up in one of their surviving data sanctuaries miles beneath the metropolitan sprawl of The Capital. It was here they learned how the Technoss blended magic and lost technology to create database and computer structures utilizing Metea, an organic plasmid substance that can store and transmit information in the form of thought-energy.

Yuki the Eladrin sorceress returned to the surface to give the dragon blood she obtained on the moon to an alchemist who could turn it into an antidote for Dragonpox, which afflicted her two adopted children Emza and Drarysvaugnyne, two young dragons sealed in human-child form by their original draconic brood-mother, Elysvaugnyne. Shortly before her death, Elysvaugnyne gave Yuki one of her scales, which she melded into her back in order to be recognized as the last surviving dragon brood-mother, further bolstering her sorcerous powers and allowing her to invoke the spiritual form of a dragon for as short time. Yuki also carries a crystal to which is bound the soul of Fenrir, a demonic shadow-wolf who had been sealed in a temple the party found some time ago; although their relationship is tempestuous, Fenrir can sometimes be coaxed to lend Yuki his power as well in the form of shadow-stepping and ferocious dark magic.

The halfing barbarian/cleric, having abandoned her name some time ago and unwilling to choose a new one, scoured the sewers beneath the capital and using her magic of speaking with animals convinced 3,811 rats to obey her commands in exchange for a prodigious supply of food. She calls upon them to completely envelop her body, creating the effect of an 8-foot tall rat golem riding on a tidal wave of vermin. She also enjoys limited powers of flight with magic skin-wings that grow from her back, the results of a consensual experiment performed upon her by a mad scientists in the world the party originally came from, who would capture and perform surgery on living subjects to embed Soulgems into their bodies, causing magical enhancements and mutations, as well as the decay of one’s mind and soul.

Dr. Sparkle Sparkle Diamond Rainbow, an Eladrin aristocrat (doctorate self-proclaimed), returned to her primary business endeavor, a cozy bakery/café near the heart of the city, which is almost as financially successful as the meth lab it acts as a cover for, which she operates on behalf of the local mafia. During the party’s voyage to the moon, the Doctor left the café in the hands of her own young ward, a 8-to-10 year old child named Capt’n. Dr. SSDR is a small-time crime boss with big-time dreams, following the promise of quick, dirty money to underground fighting rings, gnomish sugar-daddies, and one peaceful island nation that she nearly destabilized and took over through a combination of fake-news narratives and old-fashioned mob whackings.

The seven-foot tall half-orc ranger (who goes by “Donkay!”, said in the Shrek accent) decided to spend his downtime fighting crime on the city streets. It was a good chance to test out his newest weapon, a sword that projected a Metea blade of plasmic energy from the hilt when activated. His anti-crime crusade went VERY well (an attack roll result of 53 tends to be overwhelming against most beings short of gods), but found himself grievously injured in his efforts. He decided the best place for healing would be at the temple of Hekekarne, the reviled deity of carnage, brute strength and endless war. A mysterious monk he found within the temple (an underground fighting ring hidden in the sewers) healed his wounds with a demonic arm that burst forth from his chest and flooded him with profane energy, binding him to a pact that demanded an equivalent sacrifice for the strength given to him. After coaxing 90+ HP of damage out of wins in the fighting ring, he took his leave from the cult as an undefeatable force of terror (who had initially entered the scene hoping to NOT kill more people).

The Dark Elf Rogue Mo’burt Cheez (Mo’cheez for short) also took a shot at ridding crime from the streets, and quickly found herself getting beaten down by four random thugs in an alleyway. Two major factors contributing to this event was that (1) her main weapon is an “extendable grabby hand, like the ones with the dinosaur head on the end, but instead of a dinosaur head it’s a miniature version of my head”, and (2) her identity as a perpetual nudist prevents her from wearing any protective armor (save for her socks, which she wears just to strip off in repeated, ineffective attempts to seduce just about any NPC the party interacts with). After being rescued by Donkay!, she decided to rob a “small-to-medium-sized municipal bank”, managing to elude capture by using a magical cape that made her light as a feather, allowing her to crawl along the ceilings of the vaults and only get stabbed a moderate amount of times before fleeing.

I have been DMing for this group of players since they were around 11-12 years old. I can’t say if they’ve become more or less successful at what they do, but they’ve never lacked for creativity. If you want to see some quotes I’ve recorded over the years of playing with these kids, check out the tag #chaotic_youthful on Instagram.

— Nagi